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The work we are featuring on our website has been the pride and joy of our professional lives. We have been fortunate enough to work for some pretty incredible firms. The projects we are featuring are not only done under Ink:built but also at some of the kick-ass projects we have been fortunate enough to have been part of as those firms as well. The saying "it takes a village" is even more appropriate for the work we do, from development to construction, we can not take all of the credit for this amazing work. Check out the credits section for each of the projects to see the other bad-ass people that we worked with!


our approach...

We believe the true success for a project is not only the final piece of architecture, but the projects integration into its neighborhood and community, the financial result of the project, the ability to maintain the project schedule, and the overall collaboration and process with everyone along the way.


We prioritize and strive with our clients to optimize energy performance, health, indoor environmental quality, etc. We understand in order to make these priorities we need to get the entire project team assembled early on. We collaborate early with engineers, contractors, the local jurisdiction and other professionals to ensure design is firmly grounded in its budget while striving to maximize the goals.


We also engage neighborhoods at the earliest stages and collaborate with them to refine the program before it gets baked. 


We are a hive mind collective that takes design from pen to built form – translating imagination to realization – and listening into action.

We work to actively demonstrate the best of what is possible by discovering pathways to deliver the most positive benefits while minimizing negative impacts.


We want to make the world better, make us better; restore life, spread beauty, and maximize our collective potential.  We strive to catalyze change through projects that focus on inclusion, equity, justice, health, and community. Our practice utilizes processes that fortify a restorative mindset.


There is inherent beauty in our surroundings whether we see it or not. We believe that the best design is an advocate for revealing that beauty. Every project is an opportunity to demonstrate integration of restoring the environment while enhancing quality of life.


We are transparent, honest, and own our sh*t.


Collaborative potential is powerful

We strive to implement new solutions for housing affordability and to expand the role of the architect or designer to include community collaboration, development, policy work, incentive strategy. 

Architecture, developer, owner's rep, project manager, you name it, there is little we haven't done....and a lot we look forward to doing. We are the perfect balance of creative genius and technical wizardry, bringing an idea from ink to built form through efficient and consistent execution. We like to teeter on the line between idealism and realism, constantly striving to do things just a little different and a lot  better.

Melynda Retallack

Melynda Retallack

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Nate Ember

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Andrea Wallace



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