hello world...we are ink:built...and we are kind of cool, you should get to know us...

Hey world, we’re a design company called Ink:built, and today we’re launching our digital presence out into the universe. Yes, this is kind of a marketing thing, but the launch of this company is also a living manifesto of sorts, a chance to fully engage the work we most love and care enough about to spend our time doing it. We’re a group of people who came together not just because we love to design and believe in the powerful potentials of creativity; but also because we’re human beings who understand that who we choose to be as people cannot be separate from the work we choose to engage in, how that work manifests in the world around us, and who/what is impacted by it. Because of that, let us tell you a bit about what this new company means for us, and what we want to accomplish through the awesome things we’re gonna help make together here in our community.

It seems like everyday comes with some pretty crazy challenges for us as a culture, as a community, and as individuals. We all want to see things get better, and most of us try to make the best choices we can to work through these challenges. At Ink:built, we see this relentless cycle as an immense opportunity to lend our creativity, and partner alongside others to maximize our collective potential to make positive change in whatever aspect of life we find ourselves in on a given day, just like today.

We know it takes a village to make a great building, or to change an industry, or make effective new policy. We know it takes many partners to implement lasting change, and many more skills and perspectives; so we focus on engaging those partnerships to accomplish much more than anyone expects by creating processes that are rich, thoughtful, and joyful way beyond the norm. It's not that we have the best ideas out there, but that we put the great ideas we do have to work alongside the best of others in the most effective places for the most possible impact wherever we find ourselves.

We believe that the benefits of design are a human right; that we can’t all thrive unless everyone can flourish together. We believe that to design and make things thoughtfully is an act of healing. This is who we want to be, and therefore, what we wanna do. It’s also true that both our ecosystem, and a great many people in our society have been left out of design process, and the benefits that design should offer to everyone. That’s not ok with us; so broadening the conversation of design and inclusion in its outcomes is core to our purpose.

We’re gonna blog regularly, and share things that are intentionally challenging as a means to illuminate new potentials to make things better. We’re going to act locally, and contribute generously. And in order to realize that better future, we all have to step into that together because designers like us can never work alone. We’re gonna bring something special to each and every project; a touch of love, design, community, and always - responsibility. We’ll get up in the morning just so we can make the world and the things we create in it, simply better. Every. Damn. Day.

We are here to change what it means to be both a great design firm and a good citizen. We’re ecstatic to begin this journey that will take us all to better, though the road to get there is still one big mystery. We hope you’ll join us somewhere along the way. Check out more at inkbuiltdesign.com, and follow us on all that media ya’ll!